Batty for Halloween!

Last weekend we had a few friends over for dinner, and seeing as my table was set up for Halloween, I decided to make favor boxes with that theme in mind.


Equipment needed:

  • Martha Stewart scoreboard
  • Black card stock (12″x 12″ will make two boxes)
  • Wiggle eyes ( I purchased mine from Michaels craft store)
  • Score tape
  • Glue dots
  • White gel pen

1. Cut the black card stock into four 6″x 6″ pieces which will make two boxes

6 x 6 sheet of paper

2. Follow the instructions on the Martha Stewart scoreboard for a 2″ x 2″ x 2″ box.

cut the middle two score lines up to the horizontal line on both sides of the box.

Cut the middle score lines

3. Using the score tape, stick the box together.Glue the box


Box with lid

4. Next add wiggle eyes to the side of the box

Add wiggle eyes

5. Using the white gel pen draw a mouth with fangs under the eyes.

Add a mouth with fangs

6. Draw and cut out a set of wings

Bat wing

7. Attach the wings to the side of the box.Bat box

And there you have it: a cute favor box for the table this Halloween!

  1. CorinnaCorinna10-18-2011

    This is some thing the kids would love to do together. Love it, thanks for sharing x

  2. emilyemily07-14-2012

    This is awesome you are a pro!

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