Cute Table Top Decoration for the Holidays

table7Supplies needed:

  • A glass cup
  • Floral Foam
  • Candy Canes
  • Ribbon
  • Paper for flowers
  • Embellishments
  • Scor Tape




Keep in mind you are working with glass and glass can break if too much pressure is applied.

table5(1) Push the floral foam firmly and cautiously down into the glass until you feel that the foam will not move anymore. (By the way, I purchased my glass and foam from a dollar store).

(2) Using a knife, level off the foam until it is level with the rim of the glass.

(3) Place Scor Tape on the outside of the glass at the top, middle and bottom.

(4) Place the candy canes along the outside of the glass so that they stick to the Scor Tape.

To the right is a photo that illustrates what your glass should look like now.

(5) Now wrap some ribbon around the candy canes for looks and for extra security. We don’t want them falling off, do we?



table4I placed a candy ornament on the ribbon that was purchased from Walmart.

I included a photo of the ornament I used to the right, but you can use anything along your choice of theme for Christmas, of course.

All that is left to do now is to decorate the center of your glass.  I made paper flowers — and if you need instructions on how to make them, just leave me a comment below so I know to make a tutorial.

As a side note, the pine cone and other embellishments around the flowers were purchased from Hobby Lobby.

  1. MumMum11-06-2012

    I LOVE it, so so simple, quick, and says Happy Christmas. Yes please I would love instructions on the flowers. Thank you

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