Knitted Easter Chicks

Knitted Chick 1

Each year for Easter, I make little knitted chicks to cover either a Cadbury Creme Egg (the best-selling confectionery item between New Year’s Day and Easter in the UK), or a plastic egg into which I’ve placed cash or a sweet treat.

These little knitted chicks with eggs inside them are cute and thoughtful gifts for friends, school teachers and our children.

Cadbury EggPlastic EggChicks in a basket




Knit Chick in Homemade PackagingThis year I decided my little handmade knitted chicks needed little handmade packaging as well. 🙂

Here is how you can make the knitted chicks and packaging yourself. Please comment and let us know how it turned out.

Instructions for making knitted chicks:

I used size 3.25 knitting needles and Double Knitting wool.

  • Cast on 26 sts. knit 1 row
  • Increase 1 st. at the beginning of each row until you have 42 sts. on needle
  • Cast off 11 sts. at beginning of next 2 rows (20 sts. on needle)
  • inc. 1 st. at beg. of next 4 rows (24 sts. on).
  • Knit 4 rows
  • Knit 2 sts. and then knit 2 tog to the last 2 sts. Knit 2. (14 sts. on needle)
  • Knit 4 rows
  • Knit 2 sts. and then knit 2 tog. to end of row
  • Draw wool through remaining sts. and pull together, sew with that piece of wool around to the beginning stitch, leaving the cast on stitches as a hole to place egg in
  •  Use some excess batting to stuff the head
  • Tie a ribbon around the neck
  • Cut a small orange diamond shape piece of felt for the beak and hot glue the beak to the chick

 Knit Chick in Homemade Packaging 2

Instructions for the packaging:

For this project I used the DCWV Creamy Cardstock Stack (it looks better when you use double sided paper).

  • Cut 1 sheet of cardstock  4″ wide by 9 1/2″ long
  • I used the Fiskers Grass Border Punch on one of the 3 1/2 inch ends but you can use any punch you want
  •  Using your Scor-Pal score the paper at the 1″  mark from the punched border and again at the 3″ mark
  • On the other 3 1/2 inch end I made two punched holes for the ribbon and to hold the clear bag in place
  • Note that at the same time that I punched the cardstock I also punched the clear bag after making a fold on the top

This packaging can, of course, be used for other gifts and for other occasions just by changing the boarder punch shape. For instance, instead of a grassy bottom you could use punch “Lacey Days of Summer.” for a birthday gift packaging.

If you are finding it hard to locate the clear bags, let me know and I’ll put some on the BlueBrit Store for sale for you.

Happy crafting!

  1. MumMum03-29-2012

    They are so sweet, I hope I get one, the are great for visiting Teaching gifts

  2. VickieVickie09-30-2012

    Thanks for the great tutorial! I’m going to try making these sometime. I still have the one you gave me, minus the candy of course. 🙂 So cute!

  3. JackieJackie03-17-2013

    Thank you for posting, this looks adorable. I am a complete beginner to knitting but so want to make these for Easter. Have you thought about posting a video on you tube?
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. HollyHolly03-30-2013


    I am having a bit of trouble and was wondering if you would reply and answer my question. I am a beginner am I am stuck on the ‘Cast off 11 sts. at beginning of next 2 rows (24 sts. on needle)’ part. I have cast off 11 stitches but still have 31 stitches on my left needle. Do I knit these? and then do the same on the 2nd row?


  5. Nicky (Bluebrit)Nicky (Bluebrit)03-30-2013

    Jackie, I have not thought about doing a you tube. I will look into making one 🙂

  6. Nicky (Bluebrit)Nicky (Bluebrit)03-30-2013

    Holly, I am just going to knit a chick up to where you are in the pattern. I will be back to you shortly

  7. Nicky (Bluebrit)Nicky (Bluebrit)03-30-2013

    Holly, you found a typo, I will change the pattern on the blog. Thanks and hope this helps. 🙂

  8. BlueBlue03-30-2013

    Thanks Holly for contacting me. I have changed the error in the pattern! I would love to see a picture of your finished chick.

  9. Nicky (Bluebrit)Nicky (Bluebrit)03-30-2013

    Holly. Having 31 stitches on your needle at this point is correct, and yes you knit to the end of the row.
    For the second row you do the same again which should leave with 20 stitches on your needle. Hope this helps!

  10. jilljill03-15-2015

    Please can you tell me what to do when l have finished knitting Easter chicks for cream egg where do l send them. Thank you very much.

  11. D RowanD Rowan01-15-2019

    Thank you so much for the pattern , I have 50 to make fo the children in my church .

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