The Subscribe to BlueBrit Giveaway

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glam_rhinestone2aTo celebrate’s new “Subscribe” feature, we are introducing’s first ever item giveaway!

“Yee haw!” as we like to say in England.

Actually, I don’t know anyone in England who says that but me, and that’s probably because I married a Yank. Anyway…

I’m a bargain buyer myself, so I’m hoping you will like that we will be having item giveaways from time to time on

Today we are inviting people to use our “Subscribe to” feature.

The first person to subscribe to will receive (for free) DCWV’s “The Glam Rhinestone” Stack, personally delivered to your door by famous English footballer (now living in America) David Beckham. (Yee haw!)

Please note that if Mr. Beckham is unavailable, it will then be cheerfully delivered to your door via you friendly neighborhood United States Postal Service letter carrier.

A special thanks goes to my friends at DCWV for donating the stack for this giveaway.


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