Out of the box Easter Bunnies

The fun thing about holidays is that I have a good excuse to craft! Last year for Easter I made my friends knitted chicks that will hold a chocolate egg.  Here is a link to how I made the chick and the packaging.


Knit Chick in Homemade Packaging 2

Cadbury Egg

This year I gave myself the task of making bunny boxes.couple



They even have a tail!


To make the basic box, follow the instructions on the Batty for Halloween blog.

To make the ears, create an inner and outer ear template.  Use the template to trace out your ears onto cardstock.template

Once you have traced and cut out the ears, score the bottom of the outer ear at a 1/4″.score-ears

The fold line will be used to glue the ear to the box.

Glue the inner ear to the outer.ears

The tail and nose are pom poms purchased from Michaels craft store.  I got the assortment pack as the pom poms are different sizes.


I also purchased the Googly eyes from Michaels.  Note that Miss bunny has lovely lashes!


All that is left is to draw the mouth and whiskers with a sharpie, and to fill the box with your desired choice of chocolate!

I would love to see pictures of your finished boxes.

Happy Crafting!





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