Valentine Cards

Last night I went to my craft room with the intention to give it a bit of a tidy. (Isn’t there a saying that goes, “It’s the thought that counts”?) I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I ended up making Valentines Day cards instead. I’m sure nothing like that has ever happened to you.

Of course, this being a spontaneous project, the cards were made with supplies that I already had on hand. Why not take a look at what you have on hand and see what you can come up with?


main1Card one

Although the end result is nothing like it, my original inspiration for this card came from a lady on YouTube who made a “cherry pie card” (I’m not sure who it was now). As soon as I saw her card I knew what I wanted to do and what changes I was going to make.

To the right is the front of card one.





The picture below is of the inside of the card. The paper used was from an older DCWV stack called “Nana’s Kitchen” (I’m not sure if you can still get it). I thought it was perfect for the feel I was trying to achieve. With a pair of scissors I cut out a heart from red felt and added the face.


Card Two

This card was purchased (ready made) in the past and came with the square already cut. The company is called Doodlebug Design, Inc.

I cross stitched a heart with floss in the usual way, only I added Blue Moon Beads as I sewed. On the right side of the heart you can see that I added a few clear beads.


Card Three

This card was made with ribbon scraps and is layered.  I cut out a heart on the pink paper, then traced the heart onto the white paper behind it which then gave me a template for placing the ribbon.


Card Four

Card four is just a small 3″ by 3″ homemade card, made from an old paper stack from Michaels “Stitch In Time” stack. The felt heart was heart felt and was, once again, homemade.



I still need to clean my craft room, so watch this space for what I come up with next, instead of cleaning! 🙂

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    I like your thinking!!!

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