Quilter’s Corner

Is there anything more worrisome to a quilter than handing over your labor of love to a complete stranger to top stitch?

Quilts are so much more than fabric.

We know what kind of time and care goes in to making a quilt.

And what kinds of plans and dreams you may have for it when it is finished.

Recognizing that our stitching becomes an integral part of your work of art, we collaborate with you, making sure we understand your vision for your quilt…

Then we do our work with care — looking forward to that smile we get when you first see your completed quilt.

For us, it is all about that smile.

Okay, we also like that hug that usually comes as well. 😉

Here is a photo of our Gammill Supreme quilt topping machine. Blue's GammillThe Supreme is actually a rare machine and the largest long arm quilting machine in the Gammill deluxe product line. Its throat depth of 36 inches and a height of 14 inches, along with the 16 foot table equips Nicky to take on any sized job.

We care as much about your quilt as you do, and are fastidious about doing an excellent job top stitching your hard work.




And here is a quick YouTube video tour of Nicky’s Gammill Supreme and its 16 foot loom. Because the video was made to show family and friends in Europe and and Alaska, you’ll have to forgive the “Love you!” at the end of the clip. 😉
Emily's quiltThe Quilt

A Poem by Jacquie Scuitto

This quilt is not of fabric I’d choose,
I favor rather different hues.
The pattern, though pretty, seems boring to me.
Lacking excitement and gaiety.
The quilting is neat though the stitches seem long
And there’s not a lot of it and it looks sort of wrong.
The borders are boring, the binding is wavy.
And it has a big stain — could it be gravy?
It has no blue ribbons, it’s not Best of Show,
But there is something about it I think you should know:
I love it most dearly and always have done
Since my grandmother made it when I was just one.
It’s been my companion through stress and through strife
And I pray that it holds up for the rest of my life.

©2002 Jacquie Scuitto aka The Muse