The Quilt (a poem)

Emily's quiltThe Quilt

A Poem by Jacquie Scuitto

This quilt is not of fabric I’d choose,
I favor rather different hues.
The pattern, though pretty, seems boring to me.
Lacking excitement and gaiety.
The quilting is neat though the stitches seem long
And there’s not a lot of it and it looks sort of wrong.
The borders are boring, the binding is wavy.
And it has a big stain — could it be gravy?
It has no blue ribbons, it’s not Best of Show,
But there is something about it I think you should know:
I love it most dearly and always have done
Since my grandmother made it when I was just one.
It’s been my companion through stress and through strife
And I pray that it holds up for the rest of my life.

©2002 Jacquie Scuitto aka The Muse